Participation Levels:

Students: Must be at least 18 years old, and planning to enter a human services field.

Associate:  Must be working 2 years in a human service field and / or have an associate degree or equivalent or a professional certification in any human service related field.

Full Member: Must have bachelors degree or higher, in a human services field, and possess at least 5 years experience or certification, license, or national credential.

Member Emeritus: Requires a Masters degree, and 2 years experience or Doctorates, in human service related field or license and / or 10 years in field.  Or applicant may be recognized for distinguished life time service, when sponsored by an executive board member in good standing.

Applicants interested in becoming affiliated with NIMHSP must agree to our ethical standards and provide proof of professional standing and a completed application. Simply pay appropriate participation level annual fee click here.  After payment you will receive an email link, where you will send your application which will be vetted (rejected applicants will not be refunded) and shortly there after you will receive a letter (email) verifying your participation.  Applicants that have committed any crime against children or the mentally ill need not apply.  See our ethics page before applying.


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